Skeet and Trap

The club offers four fields for skeet and trap. These well maintained fields are normally available for open shooting. All fields are equipped with up-to-date lights for bright night-time shooting. One field is set up as a combination field for skeet and trap; another for skeet and doubles trap. All four of our skeet fields have recently been updated with the latest Beomat traps.

International Skeet

Presenting additional challenge to the more experienced shooter, the club can quickly change over any of our skeet fields for the international version of skeet. This game uses a faster target, a delayed release, and a low gun position.


Sporting Clays

The Grand Blanc Huntsman’s Club had the one of the first sporting clays course in Michigan.  Sporting Clays is the fastest growing clay target sport in the country. It involves targets that simulate various types of game, shot in realistic hunting cover. Our course is always changing and continues to be a challenge to the experienced shotgunner as well as an ideal training ground for the less experienced hunter. We completely automated our course in Fall, 2000, and continue to improve it with such things as raised shooting and target-launching platforms, a new automated Claymate system, and we are in the process of including three target presentations on a number of stations.

Five-Stand Sporting Clays

Our new Five-Stand layout provides challenging targets similar to regular sporting clays, but in a more compact area. Five different targets are shot from each of five stations. Eight different traps provide various target presentations including incoming, quartering, teal, rabbit, and targets from a tower behind the shooters. Five-Stand is great fun and really sharpens your shooting skills. During the winter months we shoot it under the lights and do have league events.

Rifle and Pistol Ranges

We have a 50 and 100 yard rifle and a 25 yard pistol range for members and their guests only. An ideal place to sight in your deer rifle, or informal target shooting. Please note that you must be with a certified NRA “Range Safety Officer” or personally have taken a GBHC safety class to use the range.