The 114th Congress came to a close without passing the Energy Conference Report containing the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act, due to leadership’s concerns with inadequate components of energy policy as both sides of Capitol Hill focused on last-minute continuing funding of the federal government.

CALIF. CITY SETTLES, PAYS FEES IN NSSF LAWSUIT . . . The City of Pleasant Hill, California, has reached agreement with NSSFand a retailer, City Arms East, LLC, to end a lawsuit over a 2013 ordinance that sought to impose restrictions on firearms and ammunition sales. The City will pay $400,000 in plaintiffs’ legal fees.

WARM UP FOR SHOT SHOW AT THE 2017 NSSF/HAVA GOLF CLASSIC . . . Organized to support Honored American Veterans Afield, the NSSF/HAVA Golf Classic raises money to support disabled veterans with their healing process through guided hunts, target shooting events and other outdoor sports activities. Learn more about the event, taking place Sunday, Jan. 15, and register to help raise money for our industry’s veteran’s charity.

  • NSSF commissions a quarterly Hunting License Sales Index Report that provides an unusually early preview of hunting license sales data than is otherwise available. NSSF members can log in to access quarterly reports now current through 2016-Q3.
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  • NSSF 2014 Legislator of the Year U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo.) has written the Controller of the Currency that banks are continuing to feel “Operation Choke Point” type pressure to terminate accounts with businesses arbitrarily deemed by federal regulators as being at “high risk” of conducting illegal activity.
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  • During this busy time of year for retailers, NSSF’s FFL Security Team Member John Bocker provides a quick checklist of things you can do to prevent inventory loss during the holiday rush.
  • Always held the day before the official show opening, SHOT Show University is a great way to kick off your show experience. View the lineup and descriptions for all of the 2017 sessions and save your seat today.
  • The SHOT Show Retailer Seminar “Ask the FBI/NICS” will take place on Jan. 17 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. NICS Expert Joann Garrison and her colleagues will answer questions about the New NICS, the NICS E-Check, and NICS processing.
  • ATF Q&A: More great questions came in on our 24/7 NSSF member compliance hotline last week. One question covers whether an employee who is prohibited from owning a firearm can become employed by an FFL.
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  • Apex Tactical Specialties, manufacturer of aftermarket firearms parts, cited the regressive business climate of California toward the firearms industry in its announcement to leave the state and relocate to Peoria, Arizona. The move, to a new 50,000 square foot facility, will create 28 new jobs.
  • The Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) recently named Glenn Sapir, an accomplished outdoor writer, editor and former NSSF director of editorial services, as the winner of the Golden Glow Individual award for 2016 at the AGLOW 60th Annual Meeting.
  • The Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) announced last week that its executive director, Tom Sadler, will be leaving. OWAA member Colleen Miniuk-Sperry will serve as interim executive director until the position is filled.
  • In “Who’s Afraid of the Great Outdoors,” Sporting Classics columnist Doug Painter takes a look at the disconnect between today’s youth and spending time outside, with some even experiencing “biophobia,” a fear of the natural word.