The Grand Blanc Huntsman’s Club was founded by 5 fox hunters back in 1957. The facilities are open to its members and their guests. Annual family memberships are available upon approval of the club board and membership without concern for race, creed, gender or religious belief. If you would like to become a member please contact a current member, email us or inquire at the desk in the clubhouse. You can download a membership application in Adobe PDF format here. Complete, print form then bring it to the club and have a member sign as your sponsor. See prorated monthly dues below:

Application Month Amount Due
August $125
September $115
October $105
November 95
December $85
January $75+$125 Total $200
February $65+$125 Total $190
March $55+$125 Total $180
April $45+$125 Total $170
May $35+$125 Total $160
June $25+$125 Total $150
July $15+$125 Total $140

Membership applications received between January 1 and July 31 will require payment of pro-rated current year membership dues PLUS full-year dues for next (following?) membership year.

Example: Application for GBHC membership on January 1, will require payment of prorated current year dues of $75 PLUS full next year dues of $125.  This is in addition to the $50 entry fee required.