Effective Dec. 1, 2023
*Member Price*Public Price*League Price
Skeet & Trap / Wobble Trap$6.50 (members can purchase 11 round skeet punch card)$8.75
SCTP Practice $6.00, organized $6.50
Rifle/Pistol Range$4.00 * With Range Officer/Member$6.00 * (2 Guests Allowed)N/A
5-Stand25 targets- $9.50 25 Targets- $12.00
Sporting Clays
25 Targets-$9.50
50 Targets-$19.00
100 Targets-$38.00
Youth -Per 25 Targets-$9.50 Extra Targets 38¢ per Target Member

25 Targets-$12.00
50 Targets- $24.00
100 Targets- $48.00
48¢ per Target for Non-Member

Golf Cart Rental$15.00$15.00N/A
12 & 20 ga.
$10.50 Box of 25$10.50 Box of 25$10.50 Box of 25
Shells – 16 ga.$21.00 Box of 25
Shells – 28 ga., .410 bore$18.00 Box of 25$18.00Box of 25

Ear plugs, eye protection, hats & shirts with GBHC logo GBHC Logo Hats GBHC Vest Left handed , GBHC Sweatshirts , Bust ‘Em Hats , Bust ‘Em Sweatshirts, drinks and snacks available, and other accessories are available in the clubhouse.

* Note:

1-League prices may vary depending on trophies, additional nights open, and banquet costs.

2-Please note that all prices are subject to change based on increases in club operating costs.

Grand Blanc Huntsmans Club Event Pricing (Effective Feb. 19, 2023)

Non-GBHC Sponsored Events (example:  Union Sportsmen’s Alliance, C of C)

  1. Current Non-Member Fixed Pricing for the event per shooter
  2. Current Club Pricing for shells
  3. Base price for lunch to be set at $10.00 per shooter for standard club offerings. Outside catering prices are determined per event for agreed fare. Outside catering paid by the club at cost plus 15%.
  4. Other services (carts, tents/tables/ chairs, porta john/wash sink, other services at cost plus Additional Labor, if required for set-up or event support, above normal schedule, to be billed at the current prevailing burdened labor rate plus 15%
  5. Large events that have sufficient resources are asked to pre-pay all or part in advance

Club Sponsored CHARITY Events (example:  Bust ‘Em, Badge Holders)

  1. Current member pricing for event per shooter
  2. Current club Pricing for shells, no discounts (if included in event)
  3. Additional labor billed to event at the current burdened labor rate with no mark-up. Outside catering prices are determined per event for agreed fare. Outside catering paid by the club at cost plus 10%

Club Hosted Events (example:  SxS shoot, Pump gun shoot)

Price set by the organizer, at least equal to non-member rate per shooter and must cover all extras including labor.

Youth Events (example: SCTP Fun shoot, Pheasants Forever youth shoot, Junior Traveling league)

  1. Current youth pricing per shooter (no adults shoot for youth price)
  2. Current club pricing for shells, no discounts. Additional labor, if required for set-up or event support to be billed at current burdened labor rates.

Registered Sporting Clays or Skeet Shoots

  1. Price set by event chairman specific to event and event details, revenue to the club to be at least equal to non-member price for activity
  2. Price must cover registration (hourly rate for Skeet and current $150 for Clays) in addition to the above.
  3. Additional labor for event set-up or event execution will be billed to event P&L